More Scratch

Woohoo I’m getting the hang of this again 😀

Credits: Template from PoochyMoochy ; Colors of the brown hair is from Cttwins (aka my current favorite site -> My newer personals are all edited from their site c:)


Note: I’ll probably only do 3 recolorations at max; too busy with school haha..

-Chicken :*

.. 2 years huh :’0

Apologies.. Maybe this will become a failed revival for the site but.. I have a head made from scratch (Woah Chicken did drawing hone your skill in gfx??)..

Uhh.. Thanks for views 73k;; 23k more than when the last post was posted haha…

Welp, Credits: Got the template from Poochy



Happy ⑨ Cirno Day B)

Oh no It’s 50k?

I just realized that we have 50k views! I sincerely apologize that I don’t have any customs ready for you. I don’t even have an excuse (besides school).. I could try to edit a random head for you, but I’d have to do that when my break starts which is in December 16. Thank you for your patience.




One good news is that I found someone using one my customs c:



Chicken still has room for improvements (~_~;)


I don’t really celebrate Halloween in real life, so I’m just going to do 1-2 graaloween heads.

This one may be the first and last graaloween head for this year. It may also be one of the two..

I thought that the blood on the head looked pretty good..

Credit: Bella Opacity Winter

+I got the back head from my Koharu head; the credit for that is on that post.


I apologize for the lack of recolors on this. I feel like I’d take forever to do recolorations. I also apologize for the crappy bandages.

I still question myself if I should quit this website. Even so, for some reason, I got Ol West back..

I have nothing much to say.. therefore, farewell..


Questioning Continues.

Hello. I’m just going to say some typical stuff..

I’ve been debating on whether to quit graal and this website..

I have nothing to do on graal, no one uses nor edits my customs; I have no reason to continue.

I would mention stuff about school, but my real life is confidential.

Any who, I actually had a head from scratch finished for a while now. It’s based on a girl that I always draw

Here are some lousy pictures



Yerp.. some of these are really old..

Welp Here are the customs..?

aheadfromscratchahmosyuy  ahmosyuy3daruahmosyuy2daru aheadfromscratch3daruaheadfromscratch2daru

I made them completely out of scratch and I didn’t use face templates from other websites. I guess I’m getting better at this..?

Oh by the way, Happy Birthday Pop c:

Even though it’s late…



Time to go inactive again..

OoOh 45k c:

Wow, it seems that we have 45k views c:

To think that out website was viewed 45,000 times.. Thanks to the 38 followers and others!

Wanted customs? I just so happen to finish an anime custom/head c: She’s a character from one of my favorite animes, called Norn9:Norn+Nonet or simply Norn9.

This one’s from the anime.

The girl with the pink hair is Koharu.

Credit: MairuVich


Is it accurate? ;w;

I had to edit a lot ehehe.. Although, I should take out the pin..

Anyways, thanks again for 45k :9… 고마워요~

I love the chicks ㅎ×ㅎ ~

-Chicken :9

Side Ponytail + Braids..

Hallu c:

I finally have something ready for this website again c’:

It was originally supposed to be posted as a comeback post on my other dead website, but since it’s dead, I’ll post it here.

The head is a curly side ponytail with braids to replace the bang.

I don’t think I did many edits on it, but hey, I needa post on this website. Or else, who will ;-;?

Without further a do,


Kitty Dovahkiin

(the actual head/base head/template)


(back head)


(The braids) 

ponytailpurple specialponytail21 ponytailbrown specialponytail22 ponytailblonde specialponytail23 ponytailblack specialponytail24

There’re two versions by the way ‘-‘ One with a “darker” skin and one with a lighter skin.

If you need me to recolor em, contact.

-Chicken ㅎ×ㅎ

Wew 40k views!?

This website now has 40k views :0 I’m actually suprised.. Wew.. I wasn’t ready for this.. Welp. I finished Kofuku (Noragami) so that’ll have to do.

Here ye go,


Head: Mairuvich

Body: Sagi-nee-chan

(Hoshinoumi Uniform Body)

+Cttwins for the original


Thank you again for 40k views c:

I feel good today, expecially because someone was wearing my customs


I feel achieved c’:

-Chicken :9

Yurin Luirasel, the Girl With Intriguing Golden Eyes

Yurin Luirasel is a girl from a challenge league Webtoon called: Scarce Clover that I’ve been enjoying lately. The Summary of Scare Clover: Yurin Luisarel is a human girl with golden eyes that caught the interest of the new elf king in Fragaria Kingdom. Webtoons are basically my latest obsession, and Scarce Clover is my favorite currently, so I decided to do customs for the main character(?).. I have 2 versions; one where she covers her eyes which is usually, and one where she doesn’t cover it.

She looks like this:


It’s a lousy screenshot from the Webtoon. :9

Here are more lousy screenshots:

YurinPreview.pngAnd here’s the customs:




Head: CaiGraal Body:AznGirlsGfx

Ehem..some afterwords:

You might’ve noticed this is actually Usagi posting. Hello ^^ glad to be back. I got so much people pming me that they want me back, so here I am. I actually stayed up all night editing this, so it’s kind of what you might call a ‘lazy’ edit. I had to major edit the hair and the body, so it was harder than you’d imagine..Oh, I forgot to mention: Thank you for being patient with me, I lost inspiration, so I had nothing to do..even though I was given so much suggestions. I was actually working on Nagi Sanzenin until now and I’m stuck on the body..I’ve been slacking off on it, I just read Manga/Webtoons all day (oh yeah, Masamune-kun no Revenge is getting an anime and ReLIFE already got one, I think 😀 ) Anyway, I’ll try to be more active. Gomen ne.

Soshite, Sayōnara. -Usagi Shizuko