More Scratch

Woohoo I’m getting the hang of this again 😀

Credits: Template from PoochyMoochy ; Colors of the brown hair is from Cttwins (aka my current favorite site -> My newer personals are all edited from their site c:)


Note: I’ll probably only do 3 recolorations at max; too busy with school haha..

-Chicken :*

.. 2 years huh :’0

Apologies.. Maybe this will become a failed revival for the site but.. I have a head made from scratch (Woah Chicken did drawing hone your skill in gfx??)..

Uhh.. Thanks for views 73k;; 23k more than when the last post was posted haha…

Welp, Credits: Got the template from Poochy



Happy ⑨ Cirno Day B)

Oh no It’s 50k?

I just realized that we have 50k views! I sincerely apologize that I don’t have any customs ready for you. I don’t even have an excuse (besides school).. I could try to edit a random head for you, but I’d have to do that when my break starts which is in December 16. Thank you for your patience.




One good news is that I found someone using one my customs c:



Chicken still has room for improvements (~_~;)


I don’t really celebrate Halloween in real life, so I’m just going to do 1-2 graaloween heads.

This one may be the first and last graaloween head for this year. It may also be one of the two..

I thought that the blood on the head looked pretty good..

Credit: Bella Opacity Winter

+I got the back head from my Koharu head; the credit for that is on that post.


I apologize for the lack of recolors on this. I feel like I’d take forever to do recolorations. I also apologize for the crappy bandages.

I still question myself if I should quit this website. Even so, for some reason, I got Ol West back..

I have nothing much to say.. therefore, farewell..


Questioning Continues.

Hello. I’m just going to say some typical stuff..

I’ve been debating on whether to quit graal and this website..

I have nothing to do on graal, no one uses nor edits my customs; I have no reason to continue.

I would mention stuff about school, but my real life is confidential.

Any who, I actually had a head from scratch finished for a while now. It’s based on a girl that I always draw

Here are some lousy pictures



Yerp.. some of these are really old..

Welp Here are the customs..?

aheadfromscratchahmosyuy  ahmosyuy3daruahmosyuy2daru aheadfromscratch3daruaheadfromscratch2daru

I made them completely out of scratch and I didn’t use face templates from other websites. I guess I’m getting better at this..?

Oh by the way, Happy Birthday Pop c:

Even though it’s late…



Time to go inactive again..

OoOh 45k c:

Wow, it seems that we have 45k views c:

To think that out website was viewed 45,000 times.. Thanks to the 38 followers and others!

Wanted customs? I just so happen to finish an anime custom/head c: She’s a character from one of my favorite animes, called Norn9:Norn+Nonet or simply Norn9.

This one’s from the anime.

The girl with the pink hair is Koharu.

Credit: MairuVich


Is it accurate? ;w;

I had to edit a lot ehehe.. Although, I should take out the pin..

Anyways, thanks again for 45k :9… 고마워요~

I love the chicks ㅎ×ㅎ ~

-Chicken :9